The ships in the Kerch Strait went out

The fire that started 1 month ago in the Kerch Strait and the death of Turkish and Indian sailors was extinguished.

On January 21 in the Kerch Strait, 14 people lost their lives in the fire during the transfer of fuel between Tanzania flags 'Maestro' and 'Candy' ships. In the tragedy, it was announced that the bodies of some seafarers could not be reached, fire fighting activities were disrupted, and the body search activities were terminated. The work carried out by Russian emergency aid teams for over a month to extinguish the fire on the ships has only yielded results. In the statement made since the fire on 21 January, an intensive rescue and extinguishing work has been carried out, explosions and bad weather due to the activities of the work continued until the present day, and today, the fire was completely extinguished.